working areas

I work primarily in five areas: Leadership, Strategy, Transformation, People and Customers. This is only when I put it in written words, because what I really like is mixing disciplines and knowledge to obtain a “final product” that is original and fresh and one that meets my clients’ needs.


I mainly focus on the development and balance of the managers’ personal skills as well as the development of an overall vision which makes them more innovative and responsive to opportunities to positively influence their environment. I am also interested in improving their charisma, personal integrity, institutional meaning and communication skills. Regarding leadership, I put much emphasis on building collaborative cultures in which trust and lateral coordination are promoted.


I sincerely believe that the best strategy is one that is feasible. And to make it more feasible, I suggest structuring it through a rigorous, exciting and formative process which involves managers who then have to implement it. I focus particularly on the creation of business models which are structurally better than those of the competition and also on the creation of an office responding to change and in charge of coordinating and managing the process of strategic change.


Occasionally, a company needs more than a new strategy: it needs a real process of transformation in which, besides reviewing business models, other components are taken into consideration such as leadership models, organizational structure, cultural transformation, the incorporation of new talent, etc. The most successful transformations demand an accurate diagnostic of what is occurring in the value chain of the industry, the structuring of a good project for the future and mobilizing the team around the new vision of the company. The ultimate goal is to make businesses stronger in the market and healthier from within.


Companies and markets are people, after all. Companies must be at people’s service and improvement. There are many tools and concepts that can help to know them, motivate them, and devote more focus and energy so as to win their future. I like providing concepts and tools that simplify and therefore help to manage the enormous wealth of the people. 


Many years ago I made up the theory about Clienting with the only intention of closing the circle (making it virtuous!) between gaining, retention and customer loyalty in order to drive organic growth. I am passionate about the improvement of the customer service experience, the creation of loved and respected brands and approaches that allow to win the heart and mind of the best customers.