Luis Huete is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry gatherings and has provided training and consulting services to more than 700 companies in 70 countries. He has recently worked in the redesign of the strategy, structure and corporate culture of companies through the facilitation of offsite meetings with CEOs and Management Committees of companies in Europe, USA, Latam, Australia, Asia and Africa.

He is Vice-Chancellor and Treasurer of the International Academy of Management. He also serves on the boards of companies such as Epikurean Resorts and Lifestyles in Thailand and Altia Consultores in Spain. He also belongs to the Advisory Board of Adizes Graduate School (USA), Regent Leadership (UK), IBS (Mexico), Chef Mario Sandoval (2 Michelin stars) and Lid Publishing (Spain). In addition, he is a patron of the Modern Art Foundation NMAC and the Real Dreams Foundation (Spain). 

Luis is the author of twelve management books, including “Servicios y Beneficios”, “Construye tu sueño”, “Administración de Servicios” and “Clienting” and most recently “Liderar para el bien común” (2015) and “50 Líderes que hicieron historia” (2017). Luis is a frequent contributor of articles for the business press.