Events. June 2019

Some of the events I have on my calendar this month

Jul01 Madrid Work meetings with current and potential clients
Jul02 Jerez de la Frontera Work sessions with the head of a family-owned multinational company as part of a consulting mandate to plan the transition to a new stage led by the coming generation
Jul03 Granada Facilitation of the Family Council of a family owned group of companies
Jul04 Madrid Mentoring sessions with students of ISEM’s PADEM Program
Jul04 Madrid Closing speech for students of ISEM’s Atelier Program
Jul05 Barcelona Attendance to the opening speech of the Commemorative Congress celebrating IESE’s 60th Anniversary
Jul08-12 Madrid Work meetings with current and potential clients
Jul15 Madrid Coaching session with the CEO of the Spanish division of a global group of advertising and marketing agencies
Jul16 A Coruña Meeting as member of the Board of Directors of a listed consulting group specialized in information technologies and communications
Jul18-19 Boston, USA Lectures at the corporate university of a global advertising and marketing group
Jul22 Vacations until the 6th of September